Why Forex?
Forex is the world's largest financial market with an estimated daily average of $2 trillion. Forex traders have 24 hour access to a market with superior liquidity to all the equity markets in the world. You can trade from home, your office or virtually anywhere in the world and receive fast trade execution.
Is there a risk in Forex market?
The risks are as high as your rewards. With a strategy and proper money management you can turn the odds in your favor and take money from the markets.
What is money management?
Money management is an intelligent approach to risk control. To succeed and get rich from trading, you have to manage your risk. With true money management you should win more than lose over time. This is what money management is about.
Where can I learn more about money management?
There is nothing to "learn". You should understand simple money management rules and be disciplined. Visit TrueMoneyManagement.com.
What product to choose?
  • If you want to make a living from Forex trading and make huge profits on the market trends, then choose MagicBreakout.com
  • If you want to trade just 1 minute daily, take smart profits from the market and enjoy the freedom, then choose 1MinuteDaily.com
How much money do I need to trade the currency market?
You can start trading a mini account with as little as $200.
I am new to MetaTrader 4.
Read the User Guide.
Where can I download MetaTrader 4?
You can download MetaTrader 4 here. It's free.
When can I start trading?
You will receive the product immediately after your order is processed, normally a few minutes after a payment is made. Try on demo first. Start making real money when you get self-confidence.
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